SDOHL becoming WDHL

After a very successful 12 years of operating the SDOHL, John Ling is retiring to Arizona. John built and grew an amazing league and drop-in greatly valued by everyone who skates in the SDOHL and the Sunday drop-in. The good news is that John has generously allowed it to remain in Denver under a new name and with a new commissioner. 

The West Denver Hockey League and this site ( are the new name and landing place for the SDOHL. The league is operated by long-time SDOHL player, Joe Mahoney. It continues to hold games and drop-ins at Foothills Ice Arena in Lakewood, Colo.,

Those are about the only changes league members are likely see happen to the SDOHL. The league structure, operation and location will remain as it was with the SDOHL. The same for the Sunday drop-in. If all goes to plan, you will not notice any differences.

The spirit of the SDOHL remains and continues with the WDHL: Over-40 hockey players having fun, getting in a good skate (or two) a week and making it to work in one piece the next day. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Joe Mahoney

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