A Collision Brings the Orange and DAWGS Together

Keith Young, a longtime supporter of the Dawg Nation folks and cause, recently had a season ending surgical procedure done to hopefully fix, once and for all, a spinal disc issue that had simply degenerated to the point where medical assistance was required. Not a whole lot of fun, but was necessary to continue the journey towards getting his name on another beer league Cup!

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Keith Young, standing third from right, with Clockwork Orange before their WDHL playoff game on March 17, 2022 at Foothills Ice Arena in Lakewood, Colo. (Photo by Joe Mahoney/WestDenverHockeyLeague.com)

A Long Time Captain

Keith has been around the Denver local hockey scene for several years, going all the back to 2004 when he relocated here from the DC-Baltimore area. He has been on and has captained several local league teams in various leagues. Most recently, Keith wore the C for Clockwork Orange in the West Denver Hockey League (an over 40 competitive league run by Joe Mahoney) and of course the Bushwhackers (an upper level over 40 league at the RMHL), and has also captained numerous tournament teams as well.

A Collision Brings the Orange and DAWGS Together

Keith’s connection with DAWG Nation goes all the back to being a captain/skater in the very first Dawg Bowl, and he has been involved in every single one since then! Sadly, that run comes to a screeching halt this year, due to the surgery! Again, it was needed so he can jump back on the ice come winter season! Funny story is the initial damage was actually from an on-ice collision with another Dawg, while competing against them as the captain of Clockwork Orange two years ago. That same Dawg player then ended up being drafted by the Orange the very next season! According to Keith, “Yes he was made to provide numerous frosty libations for the ‘incident’!”

The Healing Process

Keith continues to heal well and be in less pain every day. Even during his recovery, Keith has continued to come out and cheer on his team and visit the opposing team’s locker room to have a beer and offer his congratulations. Recently, he was also nominated for the Jack Kelly Sportsmanship Trophy, an award for Playing Hard, Playing Fair, Being Humble in Victory, Gracious in Defeat, and Giving Back to your community. Help us ease the financial pain of this recovery with a donation today.

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