Winter 2022-23 Season Begins Oct. 3rd

The league draft for WDHL’s 2022-2023 winter season was held Tuesday night at Blackbird Public House in Denver. Eight teams were formed and captains will be in contact with players with information about their individual teams.

Due to some last minute considerations, the full schedule is being revised. October is posted below and will be loaded into GameSheet, our stats system, this weekend.
If you’d like to see the rosters of other teams, this posted on the winter draft board page.

Good luck to everyone and have a great season.

Game #DateTimeAwayHome
1Mon, Oct 3, 20228:45 PMLow-TClockwork
2Mon, Oct 3, 202210:15 PMCoyotesFaction
3Thu, Oct 6, 20228:45 PMBout TimeMainline
4Thu, Oct 6, 202210:15 PMOld DawgsSpartan
5Mon, Oct 10, 20228:45 PMCoyotesClockwork
6Mon, Oct 10, 202210:15 PMFactionLow-T
7Thu, Oct 13, 20228:45 PMBout TimeOld Dawgs
8Thu, Oct 13, 202210:15 PMSpartanMainline
9Mon, Oct 17, 20228:45 PMCoyotesLow-T
10Mon, Oct 17, 202210:15 PMClockworkMainline
11Thu, Oct 20, 20228:45 PMFactionSpartan
12Thu, Oct 20, 202210:15 PMOld DawgsBout Time
13Mon, Oct 24, 20228:45 PMFactionMainline
14Mon, Oct 24, 202210:15 PMLow-TCoyotes
15Thu, Oct 27, 20228:45 PMSpartanClockwork
16Thu, Oct 27, 202210:15 PMBout TimeFaction
17Mon, Oct 31, 20228:45 PMOld DawgsMainline
18Mon, Oct 31, 202210:15 PMSpartanCoyotes

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