Active Sub List Registration

The West Denver Hockey League maintains an list of substitute players and goalies for teams who fall short of a full bench (15 skaters.) Subs are contacted by team captains and alternative captains as a need arises. Teams are encouraged to arrange for subs as soon as possible, but some contact may be last minute. Sub players must follow the age eligibility criteria of league players and are subject to all league rules and regulations.

A substitute skater may only play for any team three times during the season. Goalies are not limited.

The sub or a team captain MUST check in with the scorekeeper before each game. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit of the game by a team with non-reported subs and, at the Commissioner’s discretion, the sub may be suspended from League play.

A sub player’s ability rating must match or be lower than the player they are replacing. This matching is the responsibility of the captains.

Choose a fee option below, make payment* then follow the link to a short form to complete registration.

Please contact the League commissioner with any questions or if you would like to pay by check or another format.

Thank you for playing with WDHL!

Summer Sub Skater Fee, $75 for three games. (Unused game payments are refunded at end of season.)

Summer sub fee – 3 games @ $25 ea.


Winter Sub Skater Fee, $100 for four games. (Unused game payments are refunded at end of season.)

Winter sub skater fee – $75 for three games ($25 ea.)


Goalies: Please email the League directly. Thank you.