Sub Game Night Registration

Please complete the form before your game.

Roster spots are not finalized if payment isn’t made. Unregistered sub[s] may lead to game forfeit.

Complete all fields and submit payment at the end of the form.

If you have any issues please contact the league:

Thank you.

Subs can play two games per night at no extra charge, but MUST register for both teams.
(Optional: to receive a receipt for the payment)
If you’re paying for a past game or such please note the teams / dates — if you recall them (At least the teams you played for, if at all possible.)
Price: $20.00
Adjust the amount in the field above, if you’re paying for multiple nights. Fee is $20.00 per night. (Remember, two games on the same night is only $20.00.)
In order to streamline this process, only credit card payment and Venmo are available. Contact the league if you have difficulty with this method. Thank you.