WDHL Sub List Registration

Please complete this form to be added to this season sub list.

The sub list is “pay as you play.”

The fee is $20 per night for skaters (if you sub back-to-back games on the same night, the fee is only $20.00.)

No charge for goalies, but they must check-in for any games.

The sub “game night” registration — a form separate from this — must be completed for each night you play and payment must be made.

Failure to register and pay can lead to a forfeit of that game by the team you’re playing for that night. Repeated violations may result in removal from the sub list.

Skaters must be 40 years or older to register for the sub lit. Goalies and female players must be 35 or older,
A short note on your playing history, etc.
Please indicate if you’re unavailable on certain nights (the League plays Mondays & Thursdays) Or if you know of specific weeks you’re other unavailable.