About Us

West Denver Hockey League

The WDHL offers a unique League format for mature players.

Organized in 2008 as the SDOHL, the league name changed to the West Denver Hockey League in the summer of 2021 when SDOHL founder, John Ling retired.

The WDHL continues the SDOHL tradition and is a non-profit business formed to provide a recreational hockey experience for adults based on age criteria rather than skill level. The League is dedicated to providing a competitive yet social experience.

Currently the WDHL operates an Over 40 Social league and an Over 40 Drop in game out of Foothills Ice Arena in Lakewood, CO.  The Over 40 Social league plays on Monday and Thursday nights. The Over 40 Drop in game is on Sunday night, 8:15 p.m.

Players register individually as League members.  All players are rated as to ability and teams are selected via a draft process to ensure league balance and competitiveness.

Membership Requirements

Our current age criteria restricts membership to players over 35 years old for goaltenders, over 40 years old for all others.

A player must attain the specific age before the end of the schedule of the season he/she wants to register for.

Our league and drop in play is open to all skill levels

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