Sub Registration (Goalie or Skater)

Season information


Thanks for signing up as a sub for the winter season.

Use this form to register as a sub skater or goalie for the winter season.

Four (4) games for $100.00, additional games are $25 each. Unused games are refunded at the end of the season.

No fee for goalies.

We plan to start the 20-game season in the first week of October. Game nights are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays.

For more information visit

Player Status Information

Please select your status as either a “Returning Player” or “New to the League” — if this is your first time in the league. IF YOU HAVEN’T PLAYED IN THE LEAGUE SINCE SUMMER OF 2022, PLEASE SELECT “NEW PLAYER.” Thanks.
Please describe your playing experience, preferences or any notes for the league.
This information is kept with the scorekeeper during games. It is not shared otherwise.


Credit/debit card and check/cash are two payment options available this season due to issues with a previous payment processor. Apologies for any inconvenience